Minimize Alternate Bearing in Olives!

Minimize alternate bearing (biennial bearing) in olive trees!


Alternate bearing is the tendency of some fruit trees to produce much greater than average crop in one year and much lower than average crop in the following year. The olive tree is widely known for its strong tendency for alternate bearing, which severely affects the fruit yield from year to year.


We have minimized the loss of olives in Akhisar with our products and plant nutrition program. Despite the frosts we experienced at the end of winter, our trees are strong, yields are plentiful, and producers are at ease.


Date: 08.09.2021

Location: Akhisar, Manisa


Formulations used;

•IDRON line

•N-GOOO line

•Crop+ Extra

•CytoNutri NPK 3-14-14

•PlentiGro Zinc

•CytoNutri Copper